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Comprehensive & Economic Trade Agreement – Canada & Europe

The Comprehensive & Economic Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union , otherwise known as CETA, came into effect on September 21st, 2017.

CETA is a progressive free trade agreement which covers virtually all sectors of Canada-EU trade in order to eliminate or reduce barriers.

CETA includes almost all classes of trade in the food and consumer goods industry covering 95% of the products in the HS Tariff Schedule, resulting in a ZERO duty for the products covered. This will be raised to cover 99% of the products fell the full tariff schedule is implemented.

The agreement covers products either manufactured, prepared or assembled in Canada or Europe with certain restrictions on ingredients/components not being of the country of origin.

In addition to the ZERO duties, CETA also streamlines the process in regards to registering products & facilities and remotes restrictions previously in place which made it virtually impossible to export certain products.

Take a look at the videos regarding CETA or contact us to learn more.

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