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Project Description

American Manufacturers expand into the Canadian Market

Canada is the largest trading partner for the USA with over 33 billion dollars of food products being exported to Canada every year.

With proximity to 119 boarder crossings for the transport of goods to and from the USA allowing for access to all parts of the Canadian market.

American made products are widely accepted across Canada with special attention to new product innovations and trending products in the USA retail market.

The high level of American television & media available in Canada allows advertised products to have free exposure as they are seen by millions of Canadian viewers.

Our group have represented manufacturers in the Canadian market for over 20 years. With some of brands being market leaders in the Canadian market along with a very strong private label presence, our group can assist your company in expanding or launching your products in the Canadian marketplace.

Eurocan Trading – PFoods SA Joint Venture Group offers American manufacturers all levels of service including market study, building of pricing matrix & marketing strategies, factory registration, label ingredient verifications/design/ and changes, head office representation and full store level coverage across Canada.

Eurocan Trading – PFoods SA Joint Venture Group service all classes of trade including retail/grocery, club, mass merchandise, private label, drug chain, food service, health & wellness, bio/gluten free/vegan, convenience & gas and gift channels.

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