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About Us

For over 25 years, the management team of Eurocan Trading – PFoods SA Joint Venture Group have been representing manufacturers from all over the World in the Canadian, European and USA markets.

Our group have several offices which include our head-office in Grimsby, Ontario, European offices in Alba County, Sibiu & Bucharest along with strategic offices in New York and soon Montreal.

We are brand management experts – connecting manufacturers with major retailers & club store chains, private label, major importers, gas & convenience and food service.

Being one of the few brokers offering brand management services for Canadian & USA manufacturers to Europe and for European manufacturers to Canada & USA, our group stands out in offering exceptional ‘hands on’ service to the manufacturers we represent.

Eurocan Trading – PFoods SA Joint Venture Group work with the most serious of manufacturers who understand the time commitment required along with strong business and marketing plan needed to be successful in the Canadian, American or European market.

We will invest both financially along with mobilizing our experienced team for manufacturers who believe their brand can achieve success.

Our goal is to bring the best products in the World to our markets in Canada, America & Europe – we would be proud to have you as a partner…

What we do

Eurocan Trading – PFoods SA Joint Venture Group are manufacturers agents operating in Canada, USA and Europe.

Our group own or have participation in production facilities in several countries in Europe.

We are one of the largest manufacturers of canned pâtés in Europe with recent certifications in Canada and FDA approval in the USA. Expansion into the North American with products produced within our group will begin in mid-2018.

Our group have strong relationships with retailers in 18 countries in Europe along with Canada & the USA which include Carrefour, Auchan, Rewe, Lidl, Metro, Walmart, Loblaws, Trader Joe’s, Costco, Couche Tard and Spar Group to name a few.

Our production facilities along with some of the manufacturers we represent produce private label products for major retail chains like Carrefour, Auchan, Rewe, Lidl, Metro, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Target, Kroger, and Super Value to name a few.

Our product categories in both retail and private label include mainstream grocery, frozen & frozen to fresh, bio/gluten free/vegan, hot & cold beverages and gourmet along with specialized teams working with beer, wine, spirits, health & supplement and pharmaceutical products.

We offer manufacturers agent (broker) and brand management services to serious manufacturers interested in entering or expanding their business into the Canadian, USA or European market.

Our services are based on the concept of representing manufacturers while allowing them to have direct business with the major retailers in regard to listings, purchase orders and payments.

For manufacturers with a preference to work with importers, our group would be responsible for setting up the import/distribution network best suited for the manufacturer.

Our group offers various service levels to the manufacturers we represent in order to adapt to the manufacturers specific needs, taking into account manufacturing capacity and budget. This allows for start-up, small, medium and large manufacturers to be part of our group.

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Key Market Data

Agricultural & Food Products Exported from Europe to USA in 2016
Agricultural & Food Products Exported from USA to Europe in 2016
Agricultural & Food Products Exported from USA to Canada in 2016
Agricultural & Food Products Exported from Canada to USA in 2016
Agricultural & Food Products Exported from Canada to Europe in 2016
Agricultural & Food Products Exported from Europe to Canada in 2016
Population of European Union
# Of Retailer Locations in the European Market

Our Services

  • Market Study

  • Pricing Strategy &. Matrix

  • Marketing Plan & Strategy

  • Factory Registration

  • Label Ingredients Verification

  • Label Changes & Design

  • Head Office Representation

  • Complete Store Retail Coverage

Our Trade Channels

  • Food & Beverages Products

  • Bio | Gluten Free | Vegan Products

  • Beer | Wine | Spirits

  • Gourmet Food & Beverage Products

  • Home | Personal Care Products

  • Pharmaceutical Products

  • Non Food Products

  • Electronics | Toy Products

Our Product Categories

  • Retail | Grocery Channel

  • Wholesale & Club Channel

  • Private Label Channel

  • Convenience & Gas Channel

  • Drug Chain Channel

  • Health Food & Supplement Channel

  • Food Service (horica) Channel

  • Mass Merchandise & Discount Channel

Our Retail Partners

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